How it works


The I Forgive You App is designed to help you be a peace with your life, it has been developed as a tool to assist you in the areas of Forgiveness, Love, Apology, Gratitude & Thoughtfulness.

The app is very easy and secure to use, simply follow these steps:

1 Select the option that you feel like you would like to express your thoughts and feelings in

2. Enter the name or the person/people you would like those thoughts to be expressed about

3. Enter your thoughts and feelings in the text area.

4. Choose from three options what you want to happen next

a) Submit to the ‘universe’ – (your content is destroyed after submission) and you receive a message of encouragement back.

b) Submit and Save (your content is stored in a list within the app on your device) and you receive a message of encouragement back (no data is stored on our systems)

c) Email – the email system on your phone will open automatically and the content you have typed will be placed into the email and you can then choose to enter the email of the person you wish to send it to. (This will not be sent unless you choose to enter and email address and push send).

  • Select your option


  • Write your message


  • Choose your option


  • Receive an encouraging message


Why have we designed it like this?

Forgiveness is a very private matter and as the person expressing it there are times when you cannot express those thoughts and feelings to others but have the need to express them and free up your mind and work towards finding peace.

The mere act of writing down those thoughts and feelings can have an enormous impact on you, and you can write, say or express whatever you want without judgement from others, and the app provides you with a nice message of encouragement to acknowledge the steps you are taking.


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  Julie Ashton on Oct 2, 2014 at 1:00 PM
Beautiful! I love that I can express my thoughts and work on gratitude while on the go anywhere. Easy to use and beautifully presented.

  Paul Gunter on Oct 2, 2014 at 11:44 AM
Outstanding! This app provides a template for you to write your own message of love, gratefulness or even an apology. Sometimes we take for granted the little things in life, this app will certainly assist me in maintaining positive relationships with my family and friends.