Noelene Dawes

Noelene_Dawes_Print_QualityNoelene Dawes specialises in relieving stress and releasing leadership capability.

I first met Noelene over 12 years ago and have been fortunate to have built both a professional and personal friendship with her over those years. I have always found her advice and insights on emotional wellbeing to be practical, timely and relatable.

I have invited Noelene to be one of our guest bloggers because I love the way in which her small anecdotes have such a practical application to everyday living. I’m sure you will enjoy her insights as well.

Here is a little more about Noelene’s professional career…

Noelene is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach and Master Facilitator. She has worked extensively in Australia and Asia in corporate business positions, primarily in national level sales management and business development.

Noelene has also held voluntary business club leadership roles at a local and national level. She is now the Director of her own company, Unlocking Potential Pty Limited and works as an executive coach, speaker, and author in her specialist area, emotional resilience for leadership.

Noelene is a member of AIM (Australian Institute of Management) and ASA (Australian Society of Authors). You can learn more about Noelene from her website



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