Juliet Martine

juliet martineJuliet Martine is a Healer, Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Author.

I first met Juliet over 8 years ago, she was recommended to me by a friend when I was anxious over an arguement I had had with my father, she has been a great source of encouragement, guidance and inspiration to me. I really love the way Juliet is able to succinctly see any situation from all aspects and offer practical, timely and lasting insights to lifes everday challenges.

Here is a little more about Juliet’s professional career

Having worked in the corporate sector with large FMCG companies for over 10 years, Juliet had a complete career change when she found her passion in life and trained as an Energy Healer. Since then she has helped thousands of people heal, find their purpose, and fulfil their greater potential in all areas of their lives.

Juliet works with clients in Sydney and throughout the world via phone and skype, providing healing consultations, spiritual mentoring, manifestation coaching, and running workshops and retreats. She helps people to clear their health and life issues, heal trauma, grief and other emotional wounds, transform limiting belief patterns, and connect with their authentic self to become more successful at manifesting to fulfil their greater purpose and potential.

People have described her sessions as ‘incredible,’ ‘amazing,’ and ‘powerful,’ and her seminars, workshops and retreats as ‘transformational and truly life-changing.’

Juliet is an engaging, informative and inspirational speaker who creates light-bulb moments for all those who hear her. Those who know Juliet comment on her extreme authenticity. Juliet walks her talk, lives her truth and gives from her heart, providing a sense of understanding, insight and upliftment to all those around her.

Juliet lives in Sydney, Australia with her two teenage children.




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