How Old Fashioned Sayings Can Help You In Life

Comic Love Vector illustration of surprised woman faceDon’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you drop your basket you are likely to break all your eggs! In life we need to focus on bringing harmony into our everyday activities. There are many sectors that require attention in life and at times your focus will be higher in some areas than others. Take a quick assessment now of where your focusing your efforts; Is it on Family, Relationships, Finance, Career, Community, Fun or Leisure?

A friend once said to me, you need to look at these areas like they are all parts of a bike wheel and if each area is not getting the attention it requires you would have trouble riding the bike!

If we invest all our time and money in one area and neglect the others our life is likely to suffer at some point. A harmonious approach to life actually attracts happiness and peace.

Treat others as you want to be treated

If you expect good to come to you, you need to be a good human. If you expect respect from other, you need to respect others. If you expect people to be on time – you be on time. And the list goes on, you don’t need me to tell you this one, we all have things in our life that we could do better and that we automatically expect others to do. Now is the time to take action.

Turn lemons into lemonade

Oh please, if I see another motivational speaker, blogger, coach or lifestyle expert use this one I might just pass out from the excitement! On a serious note the saying itself while extremely overused is an exceptional one. Look at the things that haven’t worked for you and see how you can turn those things to your favour. I’m forever using this one at my seminars… Ask yourself what worked? What didn’t? What you can you improve? These three simple questions will open opportunities in life you may never have readily seen.

Stop buzzing around like a blue ass fly

Ok I love this one! You can be really busy and not achieve anything or you can plan and work your plan so that your ‘busy’ time is also productive. Get help if you need it, become savvy at how you use your time. Get a cleaner, ironing professional, child minder, shopper, dog walker whatever area you need help with ask for it and get it. There are plenty of teens looking for little jobs for pocket money that could help out. Even better there are collaborative consumption website such as set up for these exact things!

Loose lips sink ships

Best piece of advice I was ever given in my career and life. If you can’t voice your opinions to a person that you have an issue with don’t voice them to others. Gossip, talking behind peoples back and repeating secrets destroys relationships and destroys communities. Or as my father used to say “if you have nothing to say, keep it shut!”

Toughen Up Princess

Ok, so I cheated and this is a saying I learnt in recent years from a good friend of mine when I was having a whinge one day about all the things that were not working. She couldn’t have put it more simply “toughen up princess” and the message behind it is this…  Things are going to happen that will be out of our control, it’s a fact of life so just accept it, it is what it is. Complaining and focusing on it will not solve it, change it or stop it but we do have a choice in how we respond to it!

Keep Smiling!


Sue 🙂

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