Heartbreak From The Execution Of Human Lives

It’s heart breaking to watch the families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran heading into the prison. Made even harder to watch by the frenzy & crush of reporters as they are unable to contain their grief and struggle to get through the crowd.

Crime has so many consequences and affects so many lives. I’m not a supporter of the death penalty.

I am a supporter of the community working together to deal with the crime issues we have.

At so many levels this case is heart breaking and there are massive questions we need to ask and develop better solutions for at every level.

I remember when they were all arrested and a friend with an 18 year old son at the time said to me, “They are young boys not making good decisions, looking for an easy life now it will be anything but for them and their families”

Parents talk to your kids about the consequences of crime.

Everyone, get involved in making our communities better places to live.

Everyone say no to drugs.

Everyone deal with your problems, don’t look for answers in drugs & alcohol.

If there is no demand for drugs we wouldn’t be seeing these heart breaking scenes.

That sounds Pollyanna I know, but change starts with individuals making better choices. When we make better choices as individuals and a community we influence others for the better.

Take time to think about the heart break those families are experiencing, take time to think about the families affected by drugs and drug crime. Take time to think about how Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are feeling knowing they made a mistake and poor choice. Think about the innocent that did not ask for hurt.

The display of law enforcement of the Indonesian government is disturbing. Seeing coffins being taken into the prison at the same time families were trying to get in the prison is disturbing.

The fact that our government let Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran leave this country knowing they were committing crimes is disturbing.

The fact that money is wasted on our politicians belittling one another instead of working on these issues is disturbing.

May Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran find peace in their final moments and their families find it in their communities and hearts in the months after.

May the Indonesian & other govts hear the voices of the world and stop the death penalty.

Love you all xx

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