A New Way To Find Peace

Cloud computing conceptWith technology, social media and our ablility to communicate moving so rapidly the use of mobile apps continues to inspire me for what’s possible.

Three years ago in my business I began to look at introducing mobile app development into the core offerings of my business, I had run a traditional marketing and business consultancy successfully for the past 12 years so it was a natural step to move with the latest marketing trends. Three years ago I couldn’t have predicted that the knowledge I had gained to move the business into that area would completely change my business model, or that I would be using the technology to help others find peace in their lives.

I love the fact that at my fingertips anywhere I am in the world I can forgive, be thankful, apologise or let someone know I am thinking of them. I’m excited by the possibilities of this app and what it can bring to your life as well, I’d love to hear your story and comments on how the app has help you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time, keep smiling!

Your friend Sue Henry


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