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  • The Battle To Forgive

    Since launching the app I have been asked by many, “How easy is it to forgive?” My answer is always the same, “Well, it depends.” It depends on what I am forgiving, how committed I am to the process of forgiving, am I really at a point where I’m ready to forgive, the depth of […]

  • Meet Our Icon

    Our signature icon of the swallow in flight represents freedom to journey towards peace. The heart in the swallow’s breast signifies the love, hope and peace we wish for ourselves and others. We have chosen the swallow because traditionally these birds bring the promise of spring and rebirth. Sailors also valued the swallow as a […]

  • Big and Small Links Break Free and Renew

    I really loved that necklace… Whenever I plucked it out from my little collection, I would smile knowingly as I felt the deep meaning of peace it held. Once I reached around to the back of my neck to connect the chain, close the latch, and admire it in the mirror, I would just continue […]

  • Are You Ready to Let Go?

    We’re living in an ever-expanding universe. Everything we experience in life provides an opportunity for us to learn and grow as part of the ever-expanding intelligence of this universe. Whether we embrace or resist what’s happening in our lives is up to us. The thing to remember though, is if we’re holding any resistance to […]

  • Juliet Martine

    Juliet Martine is a Healer, Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Author. I first met Juliet over 8 years ago, she was recommended to me by a friend when I was anxious over an arguement I had had with my father, she has been a great source of encouragement, guidance and inspiration to me. I really […]

  • Noelene Dawes

    Noelene Dawes specialises in relieving stress and releasing leadership capability. I first met Noelene over 12 years ago and have been fortunate to have built both a professional and personal friendship with her over those years. I have always found her advice and insights on emotional wellbeing to be practical, timely and relatable. I have […]

  • Fishing

    One of my favourite memories with my dad from when I was younger, we fished every weekend from the wharf at the back of our house, we fished on the beach and he took us out in his boat and to The Entrance in NSW to ‘catch’ prawns. Ironically neither mum or I ate seafood! […]

  • A New Way To Find Peace

    With technology, social media and our ablility to communicate moving so rapidly the use of mobile apps continues to inspire me for what’s possible. Three years ago in my business I began to look at introducing mobile app development into the core offerings of my business, I had run a traditional marketing and business consultancy […]