Are You Ready to Let Go?

by Juliet Martine

Are You Ready to Let Go?We’re living in an ever-expanding universe. Everything we experience in life provides an opportunity for us to learn and grow as part of the ever-expanding intelligence of this universe.

Whether we embrace or resist what’s happening in our lives is up to us. The thing to remember though, is if we’re holding any resistance to what ever’s happening in our lives, that resistance will energetically attach us to the very thing we’re resisting, and cause it to manifest into our future experiences.

To access your full powers to create your future the way you’d like it to be, it’s vital you release yourself from any and all resistance you may be holding onto.  So grab a notebook and pen, and use this short but highly effective exercise. It will help you release any old energy you might unknowingly be holding onto, and gift you the joy and freedom that results when you SET YOURSELF FREE FROM THE PAST. . . .

STEP 1 – Close your eyes. Take a few slow deep breaths. Invite your entire body to relax. Now think about your life at the moment – Is there anything you’re currently resisting or wish could be different?

Whatever comes to mind, write it down in your notebook. Anything and everything that you’re feeling resistance to or wishing could be different to the way that it is, write it all down.

Now think about the past – Are there any people or situations you’re still feeling some anger or resentment toward or having difficulty forgiving or letting go of?  Write these down also.

Once you’ve written everything down that comes to mind, go through steps 2 and 3 for each item, one item at a time.

STEP 2 – Think about the way that situation is or was. Now ask yourself – Even though I may not like it being as it is or was, in what ways has this actually helped me in my life?

Maybe it’s taught you something you didn’t previously know. Helped you develop a skill or talent. Enabled you to strengthen particular virtues such as compassion or resilience. Forced you to take action in ways you might not have otherwise. Led to other things, people or friendships coming into your life. Created internal changes that have enabled you to grow.

Keep asking yourself ‘In what ways has this actually helped me in my life?’ until you’ve listed at least 10 ways in which the situation has been of positive value to you.

STEP 3 – Look at everything you’ve written and acknowledge how the situation has actually changed you for the better. How it’s caused you to expand and grow in ways that might not have otherwise happened. Allow yourself to acknowledge that perhaps the balance of the scales isn’t quite as one-sided as you’d previously believed it to be. That perhaps there’s been more positives that you’ve been blessed by than you were previously able to recognise.

Take a moment to really value and appreciate all the positives you’ve gained, and to extract the good out of that which you were previously judging as being negative.

Now thank that person or situation for all the good that you’ve received. Let go of the need to be upset, angry, disappointed, or resentful about it anymore. Let go of any resistance to that which you previously judged as being bad and forgive it for being the way it was.  You have the freedom to now take the positives with you as you now fully claim and celebrate all the ways in which you’ve grown from the experience.


Now repeat steps 2 & 3 for each of the items you originally wrote in your notebook.

Once you’ve been through everything on your list feel how much fuller, more powerful, and more liberated you feel. Having released your old resistance, you’ll now free your energy to start manifesting much brighter and more empowered experiences into your future reality!

Congratulations and well done You! Now go have some fun and celebrate !!!

From my heart to yours,

Juliet Martine

Written by healer and author Juliet Martine,

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